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Cardi Comfort


The LaCardi -Fast Salad -food kitchen prepares the necessary meals for a whole day's nutrition, according to a healthy diet, and delivers them to the requested address (free delivery in Gheorgheni and for a fee in other surrounding villages)

In case its not required for a complete day a full menu, just an individual meal, we also prepare and deliver it daily, with calculated calories, without sugar and without white flour

  • Fitness lunch
  • Salad bowl
  • Vegetarian lunch

At the same time, we can also offer a complete diet or individual meals for athletes, with daily delivery


  • with calculated calories
  • no sugar and no white flour
  • with natural source of carbohydrates, low GI
  • 40-60 gr protein/meal

Our cComfort diet includes:

  • Vegetables of all kinds
  • More types of white meat (except vegetarian dishes)
  • Eggs and low-fat dairy products
  • Whole grains
  • Seasonal fruits

The ingredients are carefully combined, it matters a lot what combination of foods we eat. A nutritionist helps us in this matter.

The preparation method is based on healthy cooking techniques. Sugar is replaced with natural sweeteners.